Hi and Welcome to Cuizoo!  Move the toys off the couch and have a seat.  Let me get you a glass of — oh shit, excuse me, the boy is trying to put pennies into the Wii.  OK.  Sorry, about that.  So, welcome.  Umm, would you like red or white?  Jeez, excuse me again. Yes, you need to wear a coat outside!  It’s 45 degrees!

OK.  Here… quick, drink this.  Want a cracker?  Wait.  Kids, who ate all the crackers? Oh, forget it.

So, here’s the deal.  I love to cook real food.  And I think you should love to cook real food too.  I’m annoying like that.  If you want to read a bigger piece about what I am trying to do here, check out The Goal (if it’s naptime and you have nothing better to do).  I have two kids, a husband, a masters degree I don’t use, and part of a Ph.D. that I might finish someday (if the field still exists then).  I quit my full time job when my daughter was three — so I don’t get to leave the house and have coffee breaks anymore.  Yes, I do get a little more time to think about what’s for dinner — but I make up for that with tremendous procrastination and inefficiency.

One thing I really want you to know is that the food on this site is actually cooked for my family.  If there’s a dinner featured, you can be sure that we ate it for dinner the night before.  I don’t just post things to look pretty or because I am succumbing to food blog peer pressure.  When you look at every photo I take (and be kind, the photography thing is my learning goal right now), just imagine the rest of the scene which generally includes a tremendous mess, a four year old hanging off my leg, and a nine year old berating me because her dinner is getting cold while I take stupid pictures.

Do you want another glass of wine?

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