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Cuizoo: feeding your wild animals

The Best of the Holidays

After an insane bender of cooking, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, loading the dishwasher/unloading the dishwasher, cooking, and more cooking, I hope you are sitting on the couch with absolutely nothing to do for the next few days. Here’s what I’ve been cooking — all are very good recipes. Fritto Misto with Fennel and Lemons I…
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Cooking Ideas from Around the Web: Spring (?) Edition

We humans are incredibly fickle about the weather, aren’t we? I include myself in this category (as a human) and will admit I am the first to complain about it being too cold, too hot, too cloudy, too humid, or too rainy. Basically, if I could have 70 degrees and brilliant sunshine every day, I…
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“Chopped” Dinner Party and Recipe Ideas

One of the most entertaining things we have done recently is to host a couples dinner party with a “Chopped” theme. It is something I’ve always wanted to do and it inserts a lot of fun and good food into otherwise boring, winter weekends. We have just finished round number two, and I think it…
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