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Cuizoo: feeding your wild animals

Grilled Mexican Corn

In our house, we love the movie Nacho Libre.  Of course it is silly, but it is also heartwarming and touching in many ways (with a great soundtrack too).  Thankfully, most of it is safe for children because it is one of their favorites — but I am a little liberal when it comes to…
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Creamy Grilled Peach and Bourbon Sorbet

OK.  So I am in a conundrum as to what to call this dessert.  I started out thinking this was going to be an ice cream. But then I decided to up the amount of peaches and add grilled peach puree to the ice cream base — making it more icy than creamy, but also…
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Barbecued Herb Burgers with Grilled Scallions

I know I mentioned recently that I hurt my back.  When I think about what the hell I did to it, all I keep coming up with is heavy duty gardening/digging up boulders, running, carrying around an almost three year old … and then loading a box containing 1/8th of a cow into my car.…
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Grilled Pizza with Asparagus, Caramelized Onions, and Brandied Figs

At the beginning of last summer, we decided to abandon our patio as a dining room.  We had the obligatory table and chairs outside and never ever sat there.  Because the patio is right spanking next to our eat-in kitchen, it just always seemed so pointless to lug all of our food outside.  And then…
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