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Cuizoo: feeding your wild animals

Trail Mix Banana Bread

I wish I had anything interesting to say.  But I don’t.  Feel free to scan straight to the recipe because what follows will be riveting. We’ve been doing some Christmas decorating.  And a lot of our lights don’t work.  And we bought them new just last year!  At Wal-Mart!  Because it was 10 PM and…
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Whole Grain English Muffin Bread

The popularity of backyard gardens, it seems, has skipped a generation.  I am now thrilled to drive around town and see so many vegetable gardens all over town (more this year than I have ever seen).  And I have been even more pleased to see how many young families are getting into gardening — from…
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Honey Whole Grain and Spelt Rolls

As I have mentioned repeatedly, I am very lazy about going to the grocery store.   If we decide to have burgers on a Saturday afternoon and I don’t have rolls, I’d rather make them than get into the car and trudge to the store.  There are just certain times I refuse to go the…
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